Sunday, December 31, 2006

2007 can only be better than 2006.....

That was the year that was...

In the big scheme of things, not the best year I've ever fact probably one of the worst...

Workwise, a very challenging and fairly depressing year. Unfortunately when one's boss rather unexpectedly kills himself early in the year it sort of sets the tone for the rest of the year....

Personally, some fun times, but take it from me, a year of unrequited love is definitely not a good way to pass the year!!!

On the bright side...I managed to get away a few times...mostly to Cebu, but a few trips to Hong Kong and one trip to Koh Samui...

My favourite day of the year, would have been this one... a wonderful trip and even better company...

Songs that will remind me of this year....You're Beautiful, Whereever you will go, I didn't know I was looking for love until I found you

and in the 2006 blogosphere

Best insight into how men really think...The Dog's Name....his most enlightening post First Date Slutty

One blog writer that is guaranteed to stretch my mind....and also my favourite blog from the Philippines...MLQ3....there is no competition in my book

The other two bloggers who stretch my mind would be E@L and Hemlock

The blog with the biggest concept change of the year....that of course would be Spike over at Hongkie Town...

My favourite post comment-conversation this year.....How do you know it still makes me laugh....and you know what's really funny - I still don't know!!!!

So, to all you bloggers, readers, and lurkers - here's hoping that 2007 is full of health and happiness for you.

Happy New Year.



Anonymous nunu's mum said...

Hi Madame C! Wishing you the most wonderful New Year ahead!

More trips to Cebu perhaps? ~grin~

9:34 pm  
Blogger Solbi-wan Kenobi said...


Have a great 2007 yrself!


12:53 am  
Blogger treespotter said...

i wasn't even mentioned. Must be the smurfette comments.

i'll be nice this year. promise.

3:16 am  

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