Friday, December 29, 2006

Bits and pieces

When I was at boarding school we had 'tuck boxes' into which was put your collection of sweets for each term. Every day after lunch the sweets were dolled out...Do you remember these...Monday to Friday you got three sweets, Saturdays four and Sundays five...obviously not all sweets were equal...10 smarties made up one sweet, one pear drop was one sweet, a sherbet dip dap was five sweets so only on Sundays could those be enjoyed...liqorice shoelaces were two sweets. I have to say that remembering this, its hardly surprising I'm borderline obsessive compulsive! During exeats, grand-parents, uncles and aunts would take us down to the sweet shop to stock up up the tuck box and we would spend quite some time working out which was the best value in relation to our sweet long they lasted was the best indicator...for me, I always went for pear drops (which is why the smell of nail varnish now always reminds me of boarding school!!), sherbet dip daps and strawberry and cream boiled sweets! Anyway, after every exeat luggage was checked for sweets to be added to the tuck box, God forbid you would squirrel some away for illegal consumption.

All from a wonderful website called A quarter of, thanks to the kind Scottish reader who sent me that gentle reminder!


A virtual tour of Number 10


The Island Boy's contribution to my collection of reading material was The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want, no idea where he got the idea I was a 'Bad Girl' from...but there you go. If I weren't already a Bad Girl I could follow the three day transformation plan in the book with suggestions such as...

Day one, To-do list: Buy fruits and vegetables
Day two, To-do list: Buy banana and cucumber
Day three, To-do list: Buy vibrator


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