Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So that was Christmas...and this is Boxing Day!

Those of you who have to work over Christmas know that the festive days eventually become just like any other just slightly noiser and busier!

Fortunately I am off tomorrow and Thursday, and the Island Boy is in town having spent Christmas with his family...so I have some company as it seems that this year all my friends are out of town (varying distances!) and I have had no one to go out to play with!!

The plan for tomorrow, some serious sleeping in, the Island Boy arrived in Manila on the evening of the 23rd...and we sat up talking and demolishing a bottle of Absolut Raspberry until about 5am...not good when work starts early in the morning! Am definitely getting a little too old for that lark!

And the rest of the world...predictably at Christmas the world seems to quieten down...

The Daily Telegraph has started their review of 2007, the first is the fashion review of the year..Kate Moss, the older woman and M&S...obviously not a great year for the world of fashion!!!

The Queen's speech available as a podcast, along with her use of Estuary English, HM really is catching up with her 'subjects', by this time next year she should be nicely dropping her 'aitches', should we blaming that on the late Diana, Princess of Wales?

speaking of dropping 'aitches'.. Eliza Doolitle!

Straight from the horse's mouth on the the whole 'cross on the air' BBC saga, not to be confused with the whole 'cross in the air' (well in reality only at check in!) BA saga.

And for those of you who missed it last year, I still have MLQ3's Christmas column from last year pinned to my noticeboard in the office...has anything changed? Has the situation improved at all?...Like Hell it has....

Of course it wouldn't be the festive season in the Philippines if there weren't headlines like this...2 hit by stray bullets, 34 hurt by firecrackers, and it's not even New Year's Eve yet....

My favourite SMS Christmas greeting this year....

'Gloria stops con-ass, delays con-con, reskeds ASEAN summit, so b4 she postpones Christmas 2, let me greet u & ur family'

For someone not directly involved in the Philippines...con-ass is the locally recognised abbreviation for Constituent Assembly, and con-con the abbreviation for Constitutional Convention, Gloria refers to the little one.

I told you it was quiet out there......!!!!

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