Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hello again....

A few years ago whilst living in Hong Kong I was attempting something in the culinary arena of my kitchen....whilst undertaking this very rare task I managed to burn myself very badly...given that it was about 2am (don't ask!) and in Disco Bay I knew I couldn't face going to the hospital so thought that the next best thing was to call my mother for advice...

So I called her and got her voice mail and left a very long and rambling message in a rather distressed tone of voice....she never called I went to bed with the burnt hand all wrapped up in germolene and a pillow case...

The next day my mother still hadn't called back so I called her in a rather agitated mode and she swore blind that she hadn't received the message.

About a week later I called my mother again and when the phone was answered I immediately launched into my '"Hello mummy" routine'....where upon this woman (obviously not my mother) said "I'm sorry dear I'm not your mother but are you the same girl who called last week about the burnt hand?", so I said yes, and the lady was kind enough to enquire about my hand and offer a few suggestions for future burns....

Anyway...this evening I called my mother....and the phone was I launched into my '"Hello mummy" routine' was the same woman...and she remembered me!!!!



Blogger treespotter said...

seriously, this begs several questions:

a) why don't you have your mother's proper number?

b) are you adopting a new mom?

i've more but that's the two most important ones.

Merry Christmas

11:11 am  
Blogger Dominique said...

Merry Christmas, Madame Chiang!

6:45 pm  
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