Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas gifts Filipino style....

For those of you not in the giving here at Christmas is huge....I have never seen anything like it. The gifts are usually small, just a token really and invariably useful, nothing overly extravagant or flippant.

This morning I had a pile of gifts to unwrap, all of them lovely, but two in particular stand out as special..and both were CD's.

The first CD was one that a work colleague had made for me...entitled "Songs for someone who's been there, done that and got the t-shirt".

The second was an album of an artist that I had never heard of until last week...(I lead a very sheltered musical life!), when I was trying to find out what this rather special person wanted for Christmas I asked a mutual acquaintance (aka Island Boy!) and he suggested the new Josh Groban that's what I picked up on my next foray to the shops, having no idea what this album was like and never having heard of the artist I decided to go to the website where you can listen to the album...deciding I liked it I thought that I ought to pick up a copy for myself some time. Now, no need...the person I gave the Josh Groban cd to, gave me one for Christmas....serendipity!

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