Monday, August 14, 2006

Laguna de Bay

Laguna de of Asia's largest bodies of inland water, a surface area of around 949 square kilometers, an average depth of 2m and about 8 hours driving to get around the whole lake with a few well chosen other words...the perfect day out....

First stop (other than for buko pie and empanadas) was the UP campus at Los Banos - particularly the National Arts Centre (with a detour through the UP college of forestry and natural resources - well worth a quick drive thorough)....The National Arts Centre theatre (designed by Leandro Locsin) has an incredible setting at the foot of Mount Makiling and overlooking Laguna de Bay - it really is very peaceful, very beautiful and very isolated.

this sign says it all...however, maybe someone can explain why all the names on the sign look as if they have been cut out and replaced...

and another surprise...this little chapel hidden on the hillside...just beautiful... I don't really have any intentions of getting married, however if I were to ever get married there was always only ever one place I would consider using and that was Stirling Castle's Chapel Royal, however...this little chapel is now very firmly the second option....just gorgeous. Unfortunately my photos do not do it justice.

Lunch at Gallery 83 - excellent, would highly recommend it...particularly the chicken with coconut and mustard leaves and the pako salad.

This beautiful church was unfortunately locked but we did manage to walk though the office area next to it and see the indoor courtyards...note to self, 'when you drop your camera on the paving stones - don't swear quite so loudly'!

This post deserved more photos...but I was too busy watching the scenery.....and only really took photos when reminded to...!


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