Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's kind of busy at work so.....

Modern technology can't help us, but a room full of snakes can! Actually I kind of know how they submitting a request for annual leave is the hotel's signal that something will May my leave was cancelled due to major upheavels at work, in November, the same thing...this morning I submitted a leave request for the end January/beginning February....there are a few people sitting here with their heads in their hands wondering what will happen this time!

Richard Hammond back out on the open, very lucky, lucky Hamster.

Music listening at the moment is the Virgin Radio Top 500....some old favourites I had forgotten about..Alannah MylesBlack Velvet, just to name one...

Asia's World City, is ever so slightly out of touch with the rest of the world. Spike has another take on the story. In the Philippines, we have been asked to limit our phone calls over seas. It happens, in Jordan we lost our internet connections for a week due to an earthquake in Algeria.

The Best of the BBC's weekly caption competition is all time favourite was this one.

Arab media commentary on the 'upcoming' death of Saddam Hussein.

Whenever I mention snow in Jordan...people look at me as if I'm a little daft...and repeat very slowly..." Jordan?"...and yes it does...from today's Jordan Times (link only lasts the week)

AMMAN — Around 3,000 cars remained stranded on the Maan-Aqaba highway late Thursday due to the severe snow blizzard, with the onset of frost hindering rescue operations, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

Snow ploughs have been in action in Karak, Tafileh and Maan, while helicopters were called in to evacuate stranded citizens and tourists.

Tony Blair's holiday under scrutiny again...

The Sloane Ranger grows up...I guess it happens to all of us...although I still have my barbour, I also fit the grown up version...I just hope that to celebrate the 25 years they reprint the handbook...mine fell apart!!!

There are only a few reasons to have a cat....this could be one of them...although I can't see either of my two doing this...

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