Friday, November 30, 2007

SIN city...

One of the joys of life at the moment are the visa runs that we have to tolerate!

This next one will be my second one - the first was to Hong Kong (fortunately coinciding with the Blue-eyed Boy's wedding), this one to Singapore (again, fortunately coinciding with a flying visit through Asia from my brother)!

So tomorrow I'm off to Singapore and all the joys that the Lion City holds...mostly for me...Raffles!!!

See you next Thursday, if not before!

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So there was a 'situation' in Manila....

Sorry, I have to do this... I know Spike is bewildered by the flurry of Philippine posts given that I have been transplanted to Bangkok...but seriously the happenings in Manila yesterday were quite startling!

It seems that the Philippine media has some trouble deciding which term to use for the events of yesterday, was it a coup, mutiny, putsch or a situation?

I pity the Peninsula hotel, the lobby is lovely, the Christmas decorations were up...and driving an armoured personal carrier in through the front door is a tad excessive...I think!

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If it's Monday it must be yellow....

When you are new into Bangkok, it takes a week or two before a weird phenomenon is noticed...every Monday the majority of the population (and by majority I mean about 60-70%) of the population wears yellow t-shirts of some description.

Apparently, yellow is the colour that Thai's associate with the day Monday. The King was born on a Monday, so since 2006 (his 60th anniversary on the throne) all have worn yellow on Mondays.

However, it seems as if pink will be the latest craze!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

A master of understatement.....

Reporting on Typhoon Mina/Mitag that is presently skulking off the East coast of the Philippines, Philippine Government meteorologist, Nathaniel Cruz was quoted as saying that Mitag could become a 'super typhoon' with possible winds of up to 200 mph and "The end result is that more things will be blown down and destroyed,".

You don't say........

Those of you that remember the chaos and destruction inflicted by Milenyo last year....may agree that 'things being blown down' is a bit of an understatment!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Even in another country.....

...I can get pissed off about the falling billboards...allbeit this time in Cebu....

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Sunday, November 18, 2007


It seems the photo posting mechanism is not working with my blog...that's a couple of days now that it doesn't show up on the screen....any suggestions..?



Saturday, November 17, 2007 it's time to start writing again!!!!

I am a little out of fact I haven't read anyone's blog entries for about four or five months (except Frayed's after the recent blasts in Manila). So bear with me while I catch up on all your news!

I've had a crazy few months since arriving...working all the hours that are possible - and a few more!! Anyway, hopefully life will become a bit more normal from now on I can start tentatively blogging again....

Problem is - I don't know where to start!!!