Friday, December 21, 2007

I think it's amusing...but then I'm not PC

'Santa Claus Is Coming To Get Me': Mental health charity sparks outrage with spoof Christmas carols

I particularly like 'For multiple personality disorder there is We Three Kings Disorientated Are'

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Manila bound....

As Christmas is not the huge deal in Bangkok as it is in other cities I've worked in, I am suddenly free for vacation between Christmas and New Manila beckons...actually...not so much Manila as the Island Boy who will be off his island and in the big city visiting his parents...

Really the last place on earth I would have imagined going to for a dirty weekend!!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Singapore....good for a stopover...but not much else... those that live in and love Singapore...

My brother and I were bored...granted we have been to Singapore so many times over the years (first trip in 1978) that we really have seen Singapore and so we struggled to find anything to do over our three days...admittedly we did eat and drink well...mostly at Raffles - but venturing out to a few new places which were excellent.

We admired the Christmas decorations at Raffles...

waited for ages to get the famous corridor free of people!

We went to the zoo....

and played with the meerkats!

We went to the Fullerton for afternoon tea....

and played with the models.....(well my brother did...I didnt!)

Laughed at the shop names....and the variety of padding available....

Tried to work out the family make up allowed by Singpore taxis...

Option 1: Mummy or Daddy with the four kids.
Option 2: The ideal Singapore or Hong Kong family as decreed by both governments...Mummy, Daddy (ideally both university graduates) and three kids to continue the population growth.
Option 3: Mummy, Daddy, Amah and two kids...or Mummy, lesbian lover and sperm donor, with two kids
Option 4: The breeding has got out of control and the kids travel en masse alone.

Laughed at the shop names (as one does, when one has had a few too many cocktails at lunch time!)

as opposed to.....Fook Off

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And one for the girls only.....!

Finding somewhere for a Brazilian wax can be a challenge.... Hong Kong its the Mandarin Oriental salon, Manila - Basement salon - one particular therapist is excellent...but in Bangkok (odd but true - and much to The Hound's surprise!) I haven't found anywhere that is particularly good (by good I mean - hygienic, quick, professional and doesn't expect you to audition for Cirque de Soleil at the same time!)and most are confused between a Brazilian and a Hollywood wax...which can make for some alarming results!!

So I was quite pleased to find Strip when I was down in Singapore....

Its all terribly quick and efficient at Strip and helpful diagrams are offered so you can show what shape you want....

and...for those men that are brave enough...a few of their locations are 'co-ed'!!

and usually next door (and part of the same company) eyebrow shaping at browhaus. Also excellent!



Odd the things that one notices....!

Whilst flicking through the Daily Telegraph website I looked at the pictures of Charles and Camilla's horse Royal I went through the pictures...the mouse came to rest on the picture with a description of the picture.....

I can't figure out which is which!!

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