Monday, December 10, 2007

And one for the girls only.....!

Finding somewhere for a Brazilian wax can be a challenge.... Hong Kong its the Mandarin Oriental salon, Manila - Basement salon - one particular therapist is excellent...but in Bangkok (odd but true - and much to The Hound's surprise!) I haven't found anywhere that is particularly good (by good I mean - hygienic, quick, professional and doesn't expect you to audition for Cirque de Soleil at the same time!)and most are confused between a Brazilian and a Hollywood wax...which can make for some alarming results!!

So I was quite pleased to find Strip when I was down in Singapore....

Its all terribly quick and efficient at Strip and helpful diagrams are offered so you can show what shape you want....

and...for those men that are brave enough...a few of their locations are 'co-ed'!!

and usually next door (and part of the same company) eyebrow shaping at browhaus. Also excellent!



Anonymous Mia said...

Oh I'm all about the Edgy Mojo!

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