Friday, November 30, 2007

So there was a 'situation' in Manila....

Sorry, I have to do this... I know Spike is bewildered by the flurry of Philippine posts given that I have been transplanted to Bangkok...but seriously the happenings in Manila yesterday were quite startling!

It seems that the Philippine media has some trouble deciding which term to use for the events of yesterday, was it a coup, mutiny, putsch or a situation?

I pity the Peninsula hotel, the lobby is lovely, the Christmas decorations were up...and driving an armoured personal carrier in through the front door is a tad excessive...I think!

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Anonymous Frayed said...

Well, P5M later, the Manila Pen is as good as new (took less than a week, I think).

This is one issue that has divided Filipinos (in fact, everyone I know has different views, from respectable journalists, my parents, to even Torn & I, on certain levels). But we all agree – only in the Philippines…

6:57 am  

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