Sunday, October 18, 2009

All about Arthur...

Because two cats were not enough trouble...we've added a hound into the mix... meet Arthur...the bounciest Golden Retriever..ever...

This is what he does when he doesn't want to do something...

This is Arthur looking for the large stick that has been thrown into the ocean for him...he really is not the best Retriever...he never finds the stick and it always ends up with us going into the ocean to retrieve it..

He's also at the lovely age where he humps everything in sight... yesterday at the beach he decided that he rather fancied a little bit of action with a little German Pointer...he finally cornered her at the edge of a private swimming pool (part of two very expensive villas at Seminyak beach) and as he leapt on her, he slid off her back right into the swimming pool...he swam around in the pool in the centre for about 10 minutes before he came anywhere near the edge and I could haul him out...

He's ok with the cats...he's learnt not to annoy them...the Kitten and he I think will eventually be friends.. Chiang Kai-shek..forget it.. He is another source of food for the kitten who has decided she much prefers the crunchy dog food...



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