Friday, February 22, 2008

Now there's a headline writer's dream....

Scientist may be first man to find the female G-spot

The writer of the article was a man...a slightly frustrated man possibly...!!



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Isn't it wonderful to be British.....

Whilst my parents don't particularly like the fact that I don't live about 5 miles away from their country seat, return home for Sunday lunch every weekend, have my very own perfect nuclear family and am generally perceived as being a tad 'kooky', they don't complain too much... the one thing my mother does stipulate however, is that I must register with the British embassy where ever I am...probably because I am very bad at passing on addresses, phone numbers etc!

In Hong Kong I never registered - pre-1997 - it was British, after...I just never thought it necessary.

In Jordan, registration was simple (and very effective), you went to the embassy, filled in a form, drew maps of your workplace, home etc gave all contact details necessary and that was it...from then on, you were on their mailing list for invitations and events and in case of emergency you were contactable (and findable!). There were constant security and contact updates emailed to you and you had the direct number of your "go to" person in your area. This worked very well when they were closing the borders in Jordan (and the embassy) at the beginning of the Iraq war. Lots of phone calls in advance - "are you leaving or not?" and then finally - "the embassy closes at 4pm today, the airport tonight after that you're on your own". The system worked a treat, you know where you stood.

In Manila, you were encouraged to register online, which I did. I never heard a squeak out of them...nothing..not a security warning, not an invitation to the Queen's Birthday party...nothing.

In Bangkok....I forgot, until I went to the British Embassy website, they have now set up a new system called "Locate". Apparently this system means that you only need to register once...and then update your profile every time you move on. All sounds great, until you try to register....

Really - just a small gripe....but, you need to give two personal questions with an answer, the first one is easy - your mother's maiden name, the other two choices - a) your favourite band or singer ; b) the name of your street you lived on whilst growing up..... a) my favourite band changes quite frequently, and one one year to the next I would never remember that b) upto the age of 10 I had about 15 to 20 different street addresses - sure I could pick one now...and then next year when I have to update the profile, would I remember which one...

Then it gets a little more challenging. You are then sent to one of these long online forms to fill in...

1) you can only register your location for under 366 days...I have a two year contract in Thailand...its another irritant

2) and this really pissed me off...I filled in all the details...all the street address, postal address issues etc then submitted the form, and, apparently the system doesn't like hyphens or colons in the address section, so it clears the form completely and you have to start all over again.

Suffice to say....I'll try and register again tomorrow...all far too stressful for me! Pen and paper please......!

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Computer error...!!!

And the moral of the story is....

...always know what your POS is capable of...oh,yes, and don't mess with the service staff!!



Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Reading E@L's most recent post, I have one question for him..."How do you really feel about nodding in movies"?

The Edison Chan and "supporting cast" saga continues, Fumier's latest post on the subject delves (can't help thinking that's an unusual choice of word!) further into the 'underwear vs. no underwear vs. gossamer thin strips of underwear' issue. I haven't had the misfortune to see the pictures, however as a male friend has said - rather too graphically..."a little bit of trimming can go a long, long way!" I don't think I really need to!! The only thing I really need to what kind of a man has a 'pink Mac book'??

I think it safe to say that Mohammed Al-Fayed, has really lost the plot....everyone knows Camilla's not a crocodile, she's a horse.

And...Panda Porn...

The two pandas writhe about for a bit longer. Then they untangle. It may be best to stop male pandas from watching what comes next.

"The female is not co-operative," says Dr Hou laconically.

That is an understatement

We Brits take our newsreaders very seriously...we like them to be authoritative, knowledgeable, demurely/sensibly dressed and not 'be' the story...unfortunately 'Spangles' aka Natasha Kaplinsky, is failing miserably at most of that at present. Last night was the first night of her new anchor position at Channel Five. The Daily Mail's review had one line that summed up the 'show'...Her dark blouse was unbuttoned well south of Watford.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

and now for something a little different...

Setting up and stripping down the ballroom at the Park Lane Hotel (Sheraton, London). A friend of mine used to work there, hence I have the link!!!



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2nd syllable.....



Saturday, February 09, 2008

Keeping ahead of the news....

I do admit to being a news junkie...I also admit to the fact that there aren't enough hours in the day to work, sleep and keep ahead of the news all the time..

To overcome this problem, every Sunday my reading material includes the following two in bite size pieces...

For some strange reason the book stores here never stock the most upto date version of The Week, however even a few weeks late is still worth keep abreast of what's happening around the world...

Asia Weekly, however, is always a recent addition and so usually up to the minute with the news and events around Asia...except for two weeks ago when they really dredged up some old news...

Nominated as "Blog of the Week" Flagrant Harbour stopped writing on 27th December '07; and the "recent post" they mentioned in the 21st January issue was actually posted on 29th September '07.

I suppose it all depends on your definition of 'recent'.



Friday, February 08, 2008

Chiang Kai-shek's new bed!

Dinner a few days ago...arrived by delivery....and Chiang Kai-shek has slept in the delivery box every night since....

Not too sure what she's trying to tell me...



We wouldn't want to promise anything too good....

Walking around Central World this past weekend with Mia (actually not sure if I should refer to her as Mia, a saucepan or lingerie!)we found this promotional board describing the events for Chinese New Year....

Perhaps it will be prosperous...but we can't promise anything...

And someone needs to tell the management of Central Food Hall...that Chinese New Year celebrates the Chinese Zodiac...not the Western Zodiac!

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Traffic enforcement...!!

As I looked down onto the main road this morning I noticed an empty scooter sitting in the middle of the oncoming traffic rider in sight.

I watched for a few minutes whilst the oncoming traffic avoided the scooter, and then noticed that over on the side of the street was a traffic cop booking two drivers for some heinous crime they had committed, which warranted the cop leaving his scooter in the middle of the traffic and hot footing it to the pavement. Obviously driving his scooter to the side of the road was just going to take too long.

As I am in a particularly fussy mood, the first picture (if you double click on it, will show two little boxes that highlight the scooter location and the policeman!)

Unfortunately, my picture of the unattended scooter surrounded by traffic was too blurred for use...I think I was laughing too much!

I think Fumier would have been proud of him....!

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