Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Reading E@L's most recent post, I have one question for him..."How do you really feel about nodding in movies"?

The Edison Chan and "supporting cast" saga continues, Fumier's latest post on the subject delves (can't help thinking that's an unusual choice of word!) further into the 'underwear vs. no underwear vs. gossamer thin strips of underwear' issue. I haven't had the misfortune to see the pictures, however as a male friend has said - rather too graphically..."a little bit of trimming can go a long, long way!" I don't think I really need to!! The only thing I really need to know...is what kind of a man has a 'pink Mac book'??

I think it safe to say that Mohammed Al-Fayed, has really lost the plot....everyone knows Camilla's not a crocodile, she's a horse.

And...Panda Porn...

The two pandas writhe about for a bit longer. Then they untangle. It may be best to stop male pandas from watching what comes next.

"The female is not co-operative," says Dr Hou laconically.

That is an understatement

We Brits take our newsreaders very seriously...we like them to be authoritative, knowledgeable, demurely/sensibly dressed and not 'be' the story...unfortunately 'Spangles' aka Natasha Kaplinsky, is failing miserably at most of that at present. Last night was the first night of her new anchor position at Channel Five. The Daily Mail's review had one line that summed up the 'show'...Her dark blouse was unbuttoned well south of Watford.

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Blogger fumier said...

"Trimming"? Strimming, more like.

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