Friday, February 08, 2008

Traffic enforcement...!!

As I looked down onto the main road this morning I noticed an empty scooter sitting in the middle of the oncoming traffic rider in sight.

I watched for a few minutes whilst the oncoming traffic avoided the scooter, and then noticed that over on the side of the street was a traffic cop booking two drivers for some heinous crime they had committed, which warranted the cop leaving his scooter in the middle of the traffic and hot footing it to the pavement. Obviously driving his scooter to the side of the road was just going to take too long.

As I am in a particularly fussy mood, the first picture (if you double click on it, will show two little boxes that highlight the scooter location and the policeman!)

Unfortunately, my picture of the unattended scooter surrounded by traffic was too blurred for use...I think I was laughing too much!

I think Fumier would have been proud of him....!

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