Sunday, August 05, 2007

believe me....I'm busy...

It's non stop at work at the present task is the last three days I've interviewed about 100 people... and believe me, at the end of a day doing that it's really hard to look interested and happy to see the final candidate....and listen to them whilst looking as if you are listening!

There have been a few moments of humour....normally after the candidate has left... and normally from their application form...two that stand out...

1. Where it says 'birthplace' on the form, one candidate had written 'Hospital'
2 Where it asks 'have you ever been in hospital?', one candidate had written 'Yes, I visited my friend there last week'

In my particular line of business it seems that the junior staff really move around...a lot....!!! 6 months maximum in one seems that the lure of a few Baht more is better than a stable guy I'd seen was 23 and had already had more jobs than I have had...!

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