Thursday, September 28, 2006

Typhoon 18W (Xangsane)

Woke up this morning to the sound of torrential rain on the window pane...(which is such an English sound!). I think I can safely say, that the JTWC are right, she is right over Manila at 6am on the 28th!

My typhoon following has dropped off since I left HKG, probably related to the fact that I dont get a day off here for a typhoon, as a result I never even knew there was one in the area!!

Update: 1pm
O.K. I was did get worse...!!!

Signal 3 went up this morning just after 6:30am, Signal 3 apparently being the equivalent of a No. 8 in HKG...however as this is a direct hit on Manila I would have thought that it's more of a No. 10. It would be a major understatement to say that it's kind of windy outside.

The following from the FCO update

Typhoon Xangsane, a category 4 Typhoon, is now en route for Batangas and Metro Manila. Storm tracking indicators suggest it will pass through on the evening of 28 September, but could last up to 48 hours. All areas of Metro Manila and outlying areas are at Typhoon Signal 3 indicating anticipated winds in excess of 100KPH with heavy rains. All schools and Government offices are closed.

Will try to get some pictures later!


Blogger Seven Seas said...

Hope it is clear by Saturday, I am flying into Angeles city then.

10:05 am  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

Just so long as it stays away from Hong Kong. Sitting in the lounge waiting for my flight down there. Cheers!

2:35 pm  
Anonymous Nude King said...

Hope it comes our way. This (year) has been a dull season as far as typhoons are concerned.

We had one good one (sorry for those who hate what normal people call "bad weather"), but Legco members were debating and Wonder Boy called the Hong Kong Observatory and asked them to stick to Number 3 (where you still need to go to work).

Mind you! Number 3 in Hong Kong is not the same as Number 3 in the Philippines. Out here, it is supposed to be a weak storm.

In any case, would love to have some exciting weather this year. Of course, I will have to (now) check the Hong Kong Observatory page to see if we are going to be lucky enough.

Odd as it sounds, I love wild weather.


11:12 pm  
Blogger Scorpy said...

Stay Safe Miss...Storms of any nature are dangerous. We call them Cyclones down here and the last one flattened an entire city.
Aside: Seven, Is Angeles City the place that was beside Clarke Airforce base?

7:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Yes, the same city/place (where all of us who were down there, had many girlfriends)

Insert smileys and winks.


11:11 am  

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