Sunday, September 24, 2006

One man's news is another man's fish and chip wrapper.....

Those of you that skulk around these parts on a fairly frequent basis will know that I am a fan of Top Gear and you know that for me the attraction of the programme (in no particular order) are the fast cars, the men and the unfortunately, infrequent, appearance of planes...

The news of Richard Hammond's crash last Wednesday night was quite a shock and I have been following the updates through the BBC, Sky News and The Daily Telegraph. Fortunately it seems that the Hamster is making a fairly swift recovery, how complete the recovery will be however, remains to be seen.

Two issues have become discussion points in the wake of Hammond's crash. The first issue being is Top Gear dangerous and does it encourage irresponsibility and 'yobbish behaviour' in drivers. The second issue is what is the definition of newsworthy?

As to whether Top Gear encourages irresponsible driving...for me, this should be filed in the same idiocy file as Mary Whitehouse thinking that world's children would resort to violence as a result of watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. Any person with a modicum of intelligence will realise that the stunts undertaken on Top Gear are just that, stunts, undertaken in controlled circumstances, with the strong possibility (as we have witnessed this week) of an accident.

The definition of a newsworthy items will differ from person to person. Two weekends ago I had settled down for my Sunday night viewing of Top Gear and after 10 minutes, we were interrupted with 'Breaking News' my mind 'Breaking News' is usually of a fairly great magnitude..I'm thinking London Bombings, 11th September, the death of a world leader. In this case the breaking news was Schumacher's me personally, I couldn't give a hoot whether he retired or not...and as a result got very agitated at the fact that due to this news report I missed a good 20 minutes of Top Gear, obviously I am in the minority! However, Hammond's crash, whilst not 'Breaking News', is to me a very newsworthy item, and judging by the 'most viewed' on The Telegraph's website this afternoon...a few other people think it's newsworthy....

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