Sunday, September 17, 2006

Week-end wrap up....

I did learn something this week, last night saw us at 2am at Cafe Adriatico, scene of the start of Monday night's non sleeping session, this time I restrained hot chocolate...just San Mig and an ensaymada with queso de bolla...far easier on the sleep cycle!


Thanks to those who answered my music tag, Spike,Skippy and E@L


Last night whilst driving along Taft Avenue my friend said that he used to commute along Taft in a jeepney to school, he said that just as I was about to say the exact same thing about my mother...My mother attended the American School for four years, whilst her parents were based here, my grand-father worked for Shell. The American School which was then in Pasay City and my mother lived on Sunset Drive, since then the street name has changed to Bayview Drive.


It seems that Prince Zeid's chances for the UN Chief's position are improving.


Those that know me well, know I have a bit of a 'weakness' for chefs...comes with the territory I imagine. Anyway, whilst reading this rather inane article from CNN about the top 10 sexy jobs, I wondered why 'Chef' wasn't on the list.... so, one of my cheffing friends came up with the following:

11. Chef
Why it's sexy: They transform even the humblest of food ingredients into extremely intimate substances that can induce unprecedented emotional responses.
Where you'll find them: Behind the closed doors of high-end restaurants, except for those times during the dining hours that an appearance is required to bring the person in touch with the mass of adoring sycophants, at which time you find them circling the room with shark like grace and a faint odor of fatigue.
The pros: The chance to express oneself creatively in a constantly dynamic environment with the rush of adrenaline a nightly addiction enjoyed among societies more interesting deviants.
The cons: Hours that make most people scoff in disbelief, the pressure of balancing money/people/time on a 3% profit margin, and living on the opposite schedule from the rest of humanity create a scenario of ripe for substance abuse, tyrannical behavior, and bizarre sociopathic tendencies. 

for's the passion and the uniform!!!!


I also learnt this week - from observation, that men have a whole rivalry, telepathic thing going on where women are's almost like watching two insects communicating through waving their antennae at each other....amusing to watch unless you are the woman involved and then it's just a tad on the toe curling side!


And two of my favourite presidents....


And I know I've written about the Reduced Shakespeare Company before, but now there's a couple of clips on's too funny to pass up...!!!

First 'the Othello rap', you have to know Othello fairly well to enjoy this....but it's hysterical and so clever!

and the Scottish play...!


Blogger Skippy-san said...

With the exception of showgirl and runway model I could do any of those jobs. I',m suprised the jopb of being "Skippy's wanchai companion" did not fare higher on the list. Trust me it takes skill and its exciting! ;-)

7:55 pm  
Blogger Mia said...

Yes, sorry about that, I'll get around to the tag at some point - but no taking the piss!

So you're saying that you had a better time in bed last night than you did with the Blue Eyed Boy? Hmmmmmm

8:26 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Skippy: Am guessing its not on the list because you dont get to Wanchai that often!!!! I'm sure you could give runway model a good shot!!!

Mia: Me...take the piss?? are you serious??!!! And yes, last night was far better....

9:13 pm  
Anonymous Bruno said...

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10:24 pm  
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