Monday, September 11, 2006

Morning reading....

MLQ3's PDI column today should give Skippy more food for thought....

THE PHILIPPINES OF TODAY WAS BORN IN THE oil crisis of the 1970s. Its economy mismanaged— with traditional industries (e.g., sugar) wrecked by reckless government speculation and with the setting up of inefficient national cartels—exporting Filipinos became the name of the game.

At least NAIA 3 will see one passenger this year...

'Kubrador' and Jueteng in The Standard.

Also from The Standard, an article about Brunei and what it's doing about planning to live without oil...As is said.....'Inshallah'.

In just eight years, according to a 2003 study by the World Markets Research Centre, the 380,000 pampered citizens of Brunei may well run out of crude. That study is echoed by another produced by Rabobank, the Dutch financial services provider, Brunei's wells will run dry in 2015. Natural gas, the other leg of Brunei's energy-based economy, is expected to last until 2025.


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