Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Feeling my age....!!!

If he were still alive....today would have been the 60th Birthday of one of the sexiest (and strangest!!!) men to walk on this planet!!!

Happy Birthday Freddie!


Anonymous Nude King said...

All we hear is,
Radio Ga Ga,
Radio Goo Goo,
Radio what's new?
Radio, someone still loves you...

Yep, I remember that guy. One of the best singers (in those days). And to think he was only ten years older than me...

Damn! Time flies!


10:23 am  
Blogger nunu'smum said...

Oh, I love Freddie Mercury with all my heart! The ultimate rock star/performer/entertainer. No one comes close (barring Elvis who is still very much alive living in Blackpool/Milton Keynes/Slough depending on who you speak to)

Long live the King, or Queen (but of course!)

4:19 pm  
Anonymous Absolom said...

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8:58 pm  

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