Sunday, August 27, 2006

I didn't know I was looking for love, 'til I found you...

And that was the weekend...

Sitti is the vocalist du jour here at present...where ever you are you hear her music....which is no bad thing....however, as in such instances one song will always lodge itself in your brain and becomes the theme tune of a certain time....this time around the song is I didn't know I was looking for love.... and it just kept going round and round in my head this weekend!

The weekend consisted of nothing too strange or startling...a little archery, a lot of reading...some snoozing and an evening out with my two favourite men in Manila... that was Saturday...

When I was living in Jordan if guys I didn't know wanted to speak to me or if my own working team wanted anything un work related they would refer to one of men who were with me...(a for instance would be, at my leaving party, some of my guys gave me a gold necklace, they wanted to place it around my neck...when I told them to go ahead...there was much discussion and then they headed over to my boss and asked his permission!) anyway, late last night, in what seems to be fairly standard 'night out in the Philippines' routine, as the evening ended we went for a coffee (actually more like tea and hot chocolate). Whilst we were sitting there a group of students came up and started talking to one of the guys I was seems that they wanted to interview me but were asking him did give me a flashback!

Today...a roam around Rizal Park, the Museum of the Filipino people and a wander around Ermita (more about this in another post when I can download some pictures) ...and then a movie, American Dreamz....which was very entertaining, although the last 15 minutes ruined it by verging on the ridiculous!

And now it's wind down time...added to the fact that I have an evil headache and have been carting it around with me all day....can't believe two beers could do that me...must be something else.....there's no way I am such a lightweight drinker already!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I know its been awhile but I really like the Sitti song(s). thanks.

10:06 am  
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