Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bits and pieces....

Humour in Lebanon

Another story has Haifa Wehbe, the curvaceous bombshell of Lebanese music videos, dispatched by the Hizbullah leadership to Israel to conduct negotiations. She returns pregnant. When confronted about her condition, the anecdote goes, Wehbe insisted she was only trying to help: I thought I would get you another small hostage."


The elderly women of the Christian neighborhood of Ashrafiyeh regard Nasrullah as their new idol and sex symbol, goes one line, because he has taken them back 40 years

and from south of the border....something not so funny.

Russia doesn't count Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist groups.

It has always amazed me that Hans Holbein managed to get away with his painting of the 'Flanders Mare' he managed to keep his head in that debacle is a miracle....! An article about Holbein's work with the Tudors from The Daily Telegraph..


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