Friday, September 08, 2006

Is it a date or a military exercise?

Reading Indy's post of tips for a first date, I couldn't help wondering if all that planning was all seems a little too calculated...

However, I would strongly agree with 'Do not air kiss! You are not a pretentious twat, lips make contact with not slobber'. No one likes pretentious twats or slobberers!!

And then Mia jumps on the bandwagon with a little piece about table manners! Fortunately I don't think I have too much too worry about there...I can still hear my mother's voice..."Elbow's off the table"; "Don't talk with your mouth full"; and my all time favourite..."You are not full, you have had an elegant sufficiency"!

Given my lack of dating experience...reading Indy's post makes me a little nervous...if that's the amount of effort the guys go to - what the hell are the girls supposed to be doing??!! Any suggestions, Mr Jones?


Blogger Skippy-san said...

All common sense if you ask me. Except for the kiss when you meet thing..........I always thought that was too forward, and I never understood it in Europe anyway.

From looking at the other posts though this guy needs some serious trips to the dark side...........

8:46 am  
Blogger Indiana said...

Ideally: Shower, preen a little, show up, contribute to the conversation, share a little about yourself, laugh at our stupid jokes and feeble attempts to impress you...but mostly be open to the possibility of anything.

Skippy: Ahh the wise judgement of he who reads and therefore knows. Your suggestion is being taken under advisement.

9:51 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Skippy: the greeting kiss is not only is also very Arab and from what I can gather fairly strong here in the Philippines!! However, for the first time meeting someone I would probably physically duck to avoid being kissed! With good friends the trick is remembering how many times one kisses whom!! My Swiss friends are all three times, Arab friends - male - 4 times, female - twice!! My Sloane Ranger friends in the UK - that's to the others...well it's a wild shot in the dark!

Indy: Shower I can do...preen..sorry - not my style! but clean and tidy I would hope will be vaguely acceptable! 'Open to the possibility of anything' that I can do...with the exception of fishy things with sharp teeth!!!

10:44 pm  

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