Monday, September 18, 2006

I am a fallen woman...!

I am going to have to leave Manila, I can't take the shame......

My helper also happens to work in the laundry in my building....this morning when I went to collect my laundry she brought out the two bags that she had taken on Thursday, as I put the money together to pay for the laundry she disappeared under the table and came out with a very small bag with one item in. She held it out accusingly to me and said "Do you have any idea who these belong to?"...having no idea what they were I asked for a closer inspection, it turns out that it was a pair of men's underpants... so I started to explain that they belonged to my friend who had been staying this past week...under her withering glance I faltered..I then tried to remind her that she had made up the spare bed in the living room and made the extra duvet ready....but she was obviously having none of was worse than dealing with my mother!!!

Recovering somewhat from that I then ventured out onto Shaw to get a taxi to work, I get in the taxi and the taxi driver then turns around and says "I remember you"....Oh No!, this can't be good....what have I done wrong now.... "You were sitting outside Cafe Ad at 3am on Sunday morning, with two Filipino men". That's true...then when I questioned how he could remember me from the crowd in Malate, he said...."You're blonde and there were two men"....

I just hope the taxi driver doesn't know my helper otherwise I'm doomed! But knowing my luck at the moment...anything's possible!


Anonymous Pinay in Barnsley said...

Madame Chiang!....two? Gollygoodgrief!

5:01 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

To be honest I was quite confused as to what the 'shock' issue was....but as the emphasis was on the 'two' I figured he thought that was the worst bit.... I hadn't realised that rationing had been enforced...!!!!

7:27 am  
Blogger Indiana said...

I am going to start calling you the "Harlot of Manila", such scandalous behaviour...I am truly shocked. ~grin~

7:29 am  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

Fallen woman? I've not heard that for a long time..........

Does that have any thing to do with "bad girls have more fun!"

"I'm shocked! Shocked to see that gambling is going on here!"

" Your winnings Madam!"

8:37 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Indy: I wouldn't mind if the behaviour involved had been scandalous, but I was innocence personified...hard, though that may be to believe!

Skippy: bad girls do have more fun...I know that from experience!!! And unfortunately there are no "winnings' so far!!!!

7:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omigosh... you're BLOND?


1:01 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

SWK: Yes, unfortunately I am blonde...unfortunate because in this neck of the woods I stand out more in a crowd than I would really like to....!!!!

1:44 pm  
Anonymous Cuthbert said...

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