Friday, September 22, 2006

From the news desk

Bad news to wake up to yesterday, The Hamster, badly injured in a car crash...possibly at about 300mph.

In Amman, the failed bomber has been sentenced to hang. Just looking back at the pictures of that terrible evening in Amman is very distressing...

Thaksin is taking 'a rest'! I guess that's one way of putting it!

I never really think of pandas as having teeth...and as for the pajamas...this is an issue my mother has long what age does it become compulsory to go out in one's pajamas?!

And this has to have been traumatic...a few years back I had my right thumb severed and crushed...after it was reattached there was a period of about two months when it was possible the reattached thumb would have to be taken off again...and just thinking about that possibility was traumatic enough....

Remember this?!

And locally...I'll bet she is, and can she ever be this confident?


Blogger Scorpy said...

I hope 'the hampster'is OK...I just read the BBC story, a few minutes ago, and was going to tell you but obviously you were patrolling the news rooms and found it before I.

7:52 am  

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