Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Concrete Boots...

For the past few months (feels like about a hundred years already!) the powers that be have been digging up and re-concreting Wack Wack Road....and its been a complete disaster of redirected traffic, making getting home at any time of day or night a challenge. Leaving home is fine as I walk down onto Shaw to get a cab...or at least it was fine until yesterday morning...

I stepped off the pavement into ankle deep wet concrete....there then ensued the most unlady like display of yelling and swearing that any of the refined residents of Wack Wack Road have probably ever seen... I was pulled out amongst much muttering and cursing..obviously they were going to have to patch up the mess...I was uncermoniously dumped into a bucket of water and the concrete was removed....needless to say my shoes were ruined, so I went up to my apartment to change shoes.

Going home yesterday evening I was very careful to get the taxi to stop away from the wet concrete area...he pulled in to allow another car to pass, I got out...and yes...back up to my ankles in wet concrete....another pair of shoes ruined...but this time I realised that getting angry about it was pointless...I just laughed!!!

My comment of "Are there no 'Wet Concrete' signs in Manila?", was met with smiles and shrugged shoulders...

So two pairs of shoes down...fortunately they were work shoes and not 'play shoes'!!!


Blogger Indiana said...

See I just learnt something: work shoes and play shoes...these in the mind of women are different where guys just have shoes.

12:22 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

There are alternative descriptions for 'play shoes'...'Fuck-me shoes' spring to mind!!

From: - HIGNFY - We all remember his paraphrasing of Greer's claim that her rival Suzanne Moore had "10 inches of fat cleavage and wore 'fuck me' shoes". Merton, ever aware of other people's problems becoming over-dominant, timed it nicely when first he asked: "Why would shoes want to be fucked anyway?" and then, ultimately: "Can you get 'fuck me' socks?"

12:56 pm  

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