Tuesday, July 04, 2006

es tu?

It seems as if the French could finally be putting the whole vous/tu thing to rest....

Given that my first educational experiences were in the French schooling system, using 'vous' et 'tu' correctly is second nature to me...however, I'm not sure I could ever take it to the extremes that Chirac does, who still addresses his wife as 'vous'!

Using 'vous' when speaking to someone brings on a whole different mind set and attitude and as such I know I would find it rather limiting to 'vouvoyer' in an 'intimate' situation!

For some bizarre reason the 'du/sie' in German doesn't hold quite the same significance for me...possibly because it wasn't instilled at such an early age and also because those that I had to vouvoyer were normally people in authority and scary teachers wielding metal rulers with which to strike you over the knuckles if you dared to tutoyer them, even in error!

The French really can be scary if you get their language wrong!

....actually come to think of it...the French can be really scary, period!


Blogger Thingfish said...

I'm with the Gaullists on this one.

The fact that my French is bloody awful and I've never in my life used 'tu' may influence my opinion.

11:09 am  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

You mean there was something else besides vous? Then again the only French I ever knew was "Voulez vous Hubba Hubba? and "Un bierre ce vous plez"

8:32 pm  
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