Sunday, July 02, 2006

And now for something a little different......

I guess we all assume that losing one's virginity is a right of passage that happens at the latest, by your late 20's.....more often than not before!!

However, reading this blog it would seem that maybe that's not actually the case...and 'older virgins' are more common than I would have thought.

There do seem to be some doubts as to the authenticity of the blog. But I think that is grounded in the fact that maybe most people assume that in today's day and age in Western society it is so unlikely to find someone who at the age of 40 is still a virgin (movies not withstanding).

It seems this guy's biggest problem is that all the women he gets involved with assume he has some level of sexual experience and he is terrified of telling them he hasn't..... So, girlies,.....assuming you are in your late 20's upwards...would the fact that a man is still a virgin or very inexperienced put you off?

If you are still a virgin by choice and want to stay that way, do you even date? If so when would be a good time to tell the person you are dating? Perhaps some would see it as a challenge and others as a turnoff - for me it might not be a deal breaker if all other parts of our relationship were good - at least for a while....... I'd be willing to give him time and hopefully nature would take its course! Then of course one would hope that we could make up for lost time and that he was a fast learner; let's face it, the first (few) time(s) you have sex with a new partner it is never completely perfect....that comes with time. But I would require a little forward this stage in life I do 'assume' that there is a certain level of experience present...!

However if you feel the time has come (excuse the pun!) where you want to throw off that mantle, do you try to find someone special to be with or use first time frights with someone you are less emotionally involved with?

Obviously when all is said and done it is a fairly huge thing to be carrying around with you as you progress into your thirties and forties...


Blogger Skippy-san said...

I'm old school. If you are a man and still a virgin, its a sign of shame...religious scruples or no.

I lost mine at 19 and thought I was way behind the power curve. Sex is too good to be putting it off for years and years!

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