Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Follow up....

From the BBC today...this article to add weight to E@L's 'discussion' with Caerphilly. And no, I didn't think that you had made it up!!!!

It seems that the Lobster in The Little Mermaid, is not a lobster...but a crab....and his name is Sebastian!

Last night, was the first...and last time I support Australia in any sporting event. I had a bet riding on Australia trouncing the Italians...with my little Italian colleague...and Australia let me down, so I now have to buy the insufferable Italian dinner...I guess it could have been worse, as I was reminded by another colleague...during the wager conversation the Italian asked what would happen if the match was a draw...knowing (and desperately hoping that I was right!) that at this stage in the tournament the end result could never be a draw...I said.."You'll have to sleep with me".....!!!!! Thank God for small mercies!!!


Blogger expat@large said...

Australia did not let anyone down!

The umpire disgraced the integrity of the whole competition and let EVERYONE down... (except the italians)

2:58 pm  

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