Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Philippines needs a better PR manager....

Over the weekend, there were three Philippine related stories on the BBC's Asia-Pacific page...none of them painting the country in a particularly good light...

GMA being admitted to hospital with stomach pains eating in a Manila restaurant

The bomb blast in the south...

The abolition of the death penalty....the RC Church is happy, the Pope - particularly so....

but...this comment from the Philippine Star..are they trying to stir the muck, or are they hinting at something that is about to come and bite the Philippines (or GMA) in the arse..?

"The unusual speed in a legislature constantly bogged down in gridlock raised cynical suspicions that lawmakers are in dire need of the Catholic Church's approval and support. For what, the public can only hazard a guess"

On a personal note...it does seem that this legislation was passed with amazing speed, given the speed that things normally happen in this country.

My colleagues are fairly ambivalent about the whole thing...although the general feeling is that with the level of violent crime in the country, maybe increasing the use of the death penalty might have been a better option....so - human rights for criminals or human rights for the law abiding citizens that get caught on the wrong side of violent crimes?

In summary, it looks like the Philippines needs someone to put a better spin on the news coming out of the country....may I suggest....Alastair Campbell.....ok, of course I'm not serious...it's just that I have a little crush on him!!!


Blogger Corey said...

Unfortunately, good news doesn't sell. Combine that with media organizations that continually push the envelope and sensationalize everything they can get their hands on and you have a pretty dirty lens through which to view the 'Pilipinas'. While the U.S. government has taken the bait with their recently renewed travel warning, many foreign tourists have not. I saw an article recently detailing how visitors from the U.S. and U.K. have increased in number from last year.

The country has issues, no doubt...some very serious ones at that. I just know it also has a certain charm and beauty that very few people on the outside can see.

10:59 am  
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