Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Human rights in Jordan....

'Human rights groups on Wednesday welcomed a decision by the government of the Philippines to stop sending domestic helpers to Jordan, saying such a step would highlight the abuse Philipinos and other nationals are subjected to at the hands of Jordanian families that employ them.'

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Blogger Peri said...

I wonder sometimes if there isn't more to the stories of abuse of the domestic helpers. Like they deserved the bad treatment?

From what I observe in the Phils, there is a network (relatives) that work in an area. When the employers are on vacation, the domestics often behave badly, having parties. Our own maid has progressively gone down her own slope to corruption, everything short of stealing cash.
I can tell you story after story of our expat friends who have had cr. cards, mail, cash stolen by their maids.
We didn't even want domestic helper, but re-lo company practically forced it on us.
We are not disciplining our maid, because we are afraid of her "network" of connections and possible retaliation.
We have a short time left in Phils, and just can't wait to go home. (sorry for the long comment)

8:20 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...


Although there is possibly some base to your comments. I would say that the stories of abuse that come to trial in places such as Hong Kong are probably show just the tip of the iceberg for places such as Jordan and Saudi... One has to remember that in the ME the Filipinos are far from home, have really no legal redress and are kept in such closed quarters that there is every opportunity for the employers to abuse them for any reason at all.

10:44 am  
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