Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Things one can learn over a weekend!!!

Mixing beer and vodka does not for a happy next morning make!! You'd think at my age I would have known that already!!!

Dancing is good for the soul!! But not as good for my soul as just being around water...swimming or just being 'on' the water!

It still amazes me (even after a year) how incredibly polite and civil Filipinos are to each other....even to (or particularly to) strangers.....after years of Hong Kong...it fascinates me! I sat at the airport on Friday watching staff and passengers interact and everyone was so polite!

After years of snorkelling in lots of weird and wonderful places, I finally saw "Nemo fish" out in the 'wild'...!!!

When you fall down the stairs in public, however much you hope that you weren't seen, there is always one person in the distance who will see it!!!

I am quite the control freak and if not in control I need to know what's happening and when....however, sometimes it is good to let someone else take control and just come over all docile...it can make for a very relaxing weekend!

Cebu is actually quite a nice city, I saw a different side of it this visit...there are enough fun places to go out to...without being swamped with choice.

I am quite partial to green mango slush! I have tasted green mango on it's own and it does something bad to my palate but....as a slush puppy....its good stuff!!!

When you are with people who know how the country works and anticipate it.....it makes life so much more simple....

Parasailing is more fun when there are two of you up there...particularly given my terror of heights....it is reassuring knowing that if you are going to plummet out of the sky...at least you are not alone...!!! I have parasailed alone quite a few times...and although wonderful it has the edge taken off by the sheer feeling of terror!

I am turning into my mother...!!! For as long as I can remember, where ever we have lived, my mother's idea of a good time is being driven around a city at night...just to see the lights.... practical when you are living in HKG...impractical when living 2 hours south of London....my father however is very obliging...last night being driven back from the airport through Manila I suddenly saw the attraction....!

After going through my whole life thinking I didn't have a jealous streak....I discovered I was wrong...!!

Seaweed in the sea is horrible....and it smells!!

Cebu Pacific is actually a pretty good airline....although they seem to have a fundamental problem with getting their planes off the tarmac on time....allegedly due to the renovation work on the domestic runway at Manila.

And a few pictures....

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside....particularly when it's not Brighton or Bognor!!

And it wouldn't be a travel post without a few pictures of planes....

As we came out of the terminal at Manila, the ground crew said...."second yellow plane on the left"...!!!

There's quite a collection of old aircraft at Manila airport.....not sure how many of them are seeing service still!!

So...all in, a wonderful weekend!


Blogger Scorpy said...

I love driving around new cities at night...it just adds another dimension

2:40 pm  
Blogger Seven Seas said...

Glad you had a good weekend.

4:58 pm  

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