Sunday, June 11, 2006

And all because the lady loves….the Milk Tray Man!!!

Recently a friend in need in one country (not the same as the one I currently reside in) texted me that she needed chocolate urgently and to contact one particular person in a third country for the said chocolate… being the obedient friend I am, I did....completely unaware at the time that first friend was under the influence of medically administered drugs!!!!! She has since learnt that chocolate buttons are no substitute for morphine – or at least I hope she has!!

An image sprang to mind of the man from the Milk Tray ad, helicoptering in, scaling walls and delivering requested chocolate. As mentioned before, I do have a fairly vivid imagination!!! Unfortunately in this case the requested chocolate consisted of curly wurlys and chocolate buttons….. not quite the same as a box of milk tray…..and I’m thinking that the only person likely to deliver packets of chocolate buttons would be someone like the Easter bunny….not a real live action hero!!

After relaying this little trick of the imagination to the friend in need of chocolate…we then both went on a little internet search of ‘the man from the milk tray ads’…….. Little did I realize how imbedded the Milk Tray Man was in the British psyche!!!

For those of you who have precisely no idea what I am waffling about… here...

Towards the end of 2003 the powers that be decided to do away with the Milk Tray man…the reaction seems to be fairly strong….from women….and men….

I guess it just goes to show that the average woman does want the all action hero….
I expect the marketing consultant in question is a woman. It's professional career women who spread the lie that girls are less interested in muscular alpha males than they are in Sensitive New Age Guys - or SNAGS for short, and I'm not making that one up. They believe it, too - until they come face to face with a fireman. Then all bets are off, and quite a lot else besides.

If the people at Cadbury's really want to sell more chocolates, they should make an advert in which a wimpy, bespectacled man stands in front of his intended, quoting from Romeo and Juliet. However, just as he's about to hand over the box of Milk Tray, a man in a wetsuit comes crashing through the window, shoves the metrosexual to one side, and grabs the chocolates. Turning to the camera, he says: "Don't worry, ladies. I'm not going anywhere." He then looks at the girl and orders her, in no uncertain terms, to get her knickers off.

hmmmm....a man in a wetsuit....well that has to be the subject of a whole other post!!!!

I would dearly love my chocolate delivered a la Milk Tray ad….but believe me, that man wouldn’t just get to sneak out after dropping the delivery – he would have to stay for a few more 'delivery duties’!!!

So there you have it….we want the action hero, we like the element of danger, not keen on overly sensitive new age guys.…and above all we want chocolate….yes…today’s woman continues to ‘want it all’!!!!


Blogger Mia said...

Again, its the Dragon Slayer but with added chocolate thats on the top of my wish list! ~grin~

11:45 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said:

"So there you have it….we want the action hero, we like the element of danger, not keen on overly sensitive new age guys.… "

Thank you for proffering an island of sanity in this post-modern sea of sensitivity. Women should of course be treated with respect; always. But this newage (one word - rhymes with sewage) emphasis on sensitivity (or God forbid 'overly sensitive', to use your phrase), is simply creepy. Either the attitude is feigned, or, if real, should make a woman wonder "Who is this guy?".

You said:

"hmmmm....a man in a wetsuit..."

Wetsuits are babe magnets. When I grew up in San Diego and surfed every day there were waves, meeting girls on the beach was never a problem, particularly in the winter when wetsuits were the norm. I'd resurrect my surfing today for that reason alone, but it's too damn cold in Northern California, even with a wetsuit. Not to mention shrinkage, etc.

Fred Jacobsen
San Francisco

12:49 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Mia: Yes, the chocolate definitely rounds off the package nicely!!

Fred: As my mother always says 'Everything in moderation'!! A little sensitivity is not a bad thing....too much is nauseating!! Unfortunately, some men do go for the overly-sensitive image and it's not good...actually it's 'icky' - added in with the fact that I am probably one of the least sensitive people on the planet and it becomes doubly 'icky'!!

Men in wetsuits...jury still out on that one...haven't seen enough of them yet to make a proper decision!!! Research will begin shortly! 'Shrinkage' there's something us ladies don't have to worry about!!!

2:30 pm  
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