Monday, June 12, 2006

Makes you wonder.....!

"Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was the world's most unhinged lunatic. He's now dead. So that moves Ann Coulter up to first place."

David Letterman


Blogger Seven Seas said...

Just goes to show you that conservatives can have someone just as irrational, and loud mouthed as Michal Moore. Looking at the two of them reminds me of an old Chinese proverb "He who knows the least, knows it the loudest.".

7:19 am  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

That is a great quote!

7:56 pm  
Anonymous gonzo said...

michael moore irrational? loudmouthed maybe, but i reckon you'd have to be, to be heard in a nation currently under the complete control of the dark forces of the American Right.

Ann Coulter is positively revolting. She represents everything that is wrong with america today-- the greed, the politics of hate, the anger...

The Republicans are destroying the US, and the American way of life, which is ironic really, since they seem to be the loudest when proclaiming their patriotism.

Thanks to Bush, Cheney and the rest of their henchmen, America is increasingly being seen as the new globally uncooperative rogue nation.

Thinking Americans should be glad that there are still people like Moore, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, that show the ROW (rest of world) that not all Yanks are stupid, warmongering and greedy.

And that's another irony right there: people are increasingly turning to comedians for their dose of truth as opposed to the biased crap that Right-wing propaganda networks like Fox keep churning out ("We distort. You decide.") What kind of twisted society is that?

2:57 pm  

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