Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Offside exposure

The boss of the operation in which I work is Australian. And in the lead up the World Cup there have been numerous heated exchanges about Australia's chances in Germany...the most recent being...

Boss: "What day is Australia's first match"
Me"Who cares, its not as if they are going to win anyway"
Boss:"That's just sour grapes because Scotland's not playing"

and there have been many more in the same vein....

So after Australia's, surprising and rather last minute victory over Japan on Monday night I decided to make amends... I decided to wear this little number into work...of course under a jacket zipped up to my neck as wouldn't want to be giving anyone any ideas!!

Unfortunately as it is a rather old T-shirt...(saw a fair amount of time in the previous two world cups) it is now a little on the tight my chest is not on the small side..... I didn't have enough nerve to 'expose' my shirt to the boss!!!!! However, I did to a few others and by the end of the day a number of colleagues were either desperately trying to look down the front of my jacket or were coming up to me and just saying..'lets have a look then'...nodding in the general direction of the script on my t-shirt!!! Keeps everyone amused I guess!!!

Also a slightly bizarre experience of my colleagues is Italian - and apparently a footie fan...yesterday afternoon saw me trying to explain English terminology for scoring i.e. Draw, 1 All, 1-Nil etc.....we got onto the offside rule which he doesn't understand at all... and I ended up having to try to explain it to him....there was no point...he couldn't get it, I ended up so frustrated that I have sworn never to try to explain it to anyone again!!!

I don't think that match fixing and corruption is the only problem in Italian football!! And according to one of my Japanese colleagues, the Japanese football team will be sending four players to Italy for training....I have some serious doubts about how worthwhile that would be!!


Blogger Scorpy said...

Love the shirt (almost as much as our win!!)...I did not realise you were Scottish (I used to go out with a lass from Motherwell - many moons ago)
It also sounds as if your workplace is a little 'worldcup' of its own :)

5:10 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Shirt was given to me by a French friend who wanted me to wear it next time France won...unfortunately the next game they played they didn't win!!! I know Motherwell...have driven through it quite often, but we come from much further north...north of Inverness!! It is a fairly multinational work force that I am part of..!

10:40 pm  
Blogger dgnyhk said...

My fave description of the offside rule is in Bend it Like Beckham. Maybe you can refer him?

Great Tee!

1:55 pm  

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