Thursday, June 29, 2006

From the news desk....

Israel & Palestine...will it ever end?...

Will Tim Henman ever win Wimbledon?

I'm thinking it's 'no' to both of the above...the former makes me want to weep, the latter...not so much.

Jack Straw probably used the same word as I did when I heard the news.

What is it about the job of foreign secretary that inspires such a sense of shock and/or horror in ministers when they are handed the portfolio?

Margaret Beckett has revealed in a newspaper interview that, when Tony Blair told her she was to be made foreign secretary, the only thing she could think to say in response was a four letter word.

"He told me he wanted me to go on working on climate change issues but to do it from the foreign office. I was stunned," she explained.

Her reaction was "one word and four letters" beginning with an F.

But, I learn, Mrs Beckett is not the only politician to have reacted in such a way to this particular promotion.

Apparently when her predecessor, Jack Straw, was given the job he was also lost for words - apart from one four letter one, this time beginning with an S.

Now what I want to know is what word Mr Straw used when he heard he was being replaced by Mrs Beckett...

From yesterday's Inquirer..Pope knows about Garci..a few questions spring to mind...who told him?, if the Pope there anyone left on the planet who doesn't know?, does the Pope really care? - possibly not given the next link.

MLQ3 on the seperation of the Church and the State...a tough call in the Philippines.

From Saturday's Manila Standard Today...When Filipinos caress their cocks, the world watches in awe ....Seriously....I'm obviously hanging out in the wrong places??!!! (via Manila Journal)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As to your first question, read Josephus' 'Jewish War' (written in the First Century A.D.). It's fascinating how, even after two millenia, the more things change the more they stay the same in that part of the world.

Fred Jacobsen
San Francisco

1:53 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Fred, I couldn't agree more...unfortunately.

3:26 pm  
Anonymous gonzo said...

Israel vs palestine:

It'll end when the Israelis stop the illegal occupation of Palestinian land that they took by force and against all UN resolutions, in 1967.

We forget that it was Israel that was (and is still) the aggressor.

It will end when the palestinians get some semblance of justice. hopefully the world wakes up and starts to get some balls to speak up against the 51st state of the union. C'mon guys, just give it back and end the violence already.

8:43 am  
Anonymous Joseph said...

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8:24 pm  

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