Monday, July 03, 2006

Seperation anxiety!!!!

If it wasn't the blogosphere I might take it personally...everyone seems to be going to pastures new/cleaner/more interesting....

E@L is off to Libya via London...personally I think going to Libya is a fairly extreme measure to take to avoid dealing with a crumbling domestic infrastructure...but at least he has clean underpants!

Mia has taken off for fresher pastures...where there does seem to a slightly limited amount of furniture.

Skippy is moving will have limited radio contact

Dusty has left Blighty for Down Under...

Scorpy is off for what seems to be a well earned week away...

Torn & Frayed are still not back from whereever...?

And the Hound is topping all of them and taking a holiday within a holiday....


Blogger Seven Seas said...

Yeah, it does seem to be getting a bit lonely. Luckly the voices are always here to keep me company.

12:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am still here...albeit off to Dubai on Friday and Scotland the following Tuesday!


5:25 pm  

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