Sunday, July 09, 2006

Would you like chips and sauce with that?

Yes, I am Scottish, and yes I am fiercely proud of my country.....however there is one area that does rather make me blush with shame.....certain areas of the cuisine for which cities like Glasgow are known for....

What provoked this train of thought on another grey and blustery day? That would be MLQ3's post on 'Weekend brain enhancement'. In particular, this link, about beer battered hamburgers, which if you follow it through takes you to step by step instructions on how to make this culinary 'delicacy'.

However, the aforementioned burger is not as bad as it can get, because it is lacking one further vital ingredient...another bun. And yes, I have seen this in a chippy in Glasgow...a burger in a bun, deep fried in batter and then placed inside another bun before being ready to eat. Other horrors include deep-fried pizza (love the comment at the bottom of the page about 'eating the pizza raw'!!), deep-fried mars bars/twix/snickers/creme eggs ...insert chocolate treat of choice! and deep fried haggis (aka scabby dick!!!!) .....

And if you don't believe me....National Geographic has done some research.

For an amusing insight into the 'delights' of food north of the the following post from What's new Pussycat....

In order to balance the opinion. I have had some amazing meals in Scotland, both in the cities(mainly Edinburgh) and up in the Highlands and Islands. Given that Scotland is also home to some of the finest produce good restaurants should be the norm (this being one of my favourites). So it is not all scary deep fried food in Scotland, but unfortunately, as always, the bad stuff is more entertaining!


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