Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Power Gods....

Bit of a disjointed week this..... the electricity Gods saw fit to stop power supply to my building sometime on Tuesday when I got home in the evening, I had no power.

Now, I am the lightest sleeper known to man, someone sneezes five blocks away and I'll wake having to endure the noise of Shaw Boulevard with no 'white noise' from the fan or the a/c meant no sleep on Tuesday night. So Wednesday at work I was not my usual sweet and well tempered self.... On my return home on Wednesday night I discovered there was still no power and no chance of it coming on any time I decided to make alternative arrangements and hightailed it to somewhere quieter down the road..

Thursday evening I called the building's admin office before heading be told there was still no I stayed with my previous night's arrangements.

Friday evening, I realised I had to come home to check on the as an added benefit I had been promised electricity.. and mercifully there was....along with two rather disturbed kitty cats...they hadn't been enjoying the rather violent thunderstorms...Chairman Mao has a rather disturbing tendancy to hurl himself at the window in order to try and catch the lightning....when I am home I can stop him....left to his own devices I am guessing he rather hurt himself over the last few days!

Today was my day of freedom so I celebrated by doing nothing until the afternoon, when I organised myself enough to go shoot some arrows - fortunately this time not hitting anyone...... and then I struggled through the traffic to Greenbelt to the Ayala Museum to see the exhibition Ode to the Pasig River..some lovely paintings...but if I had to choose would be this one....

Also highlighted in the exhibition is a suggested plan for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River and its banks...from Palafox Associates, it looks lovely....but not sure how realistic or achievable it is.....but it would be nice to be surprised.

So...the end of my day off sees me sitting in my bean bag, surveying the lights of Manila ahead of me, sipping my Mango Rum liqueur and listening to Nancy Sinatra, two snoozing moggies in my lap.... and thinking that in two days I will have been in Manila for a year....does it not go quickly?!


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