Sunday, April 23, 2006


Having decided to treat myself to two days off, I decided to splurge the first on on being a lazy today I spent the morning in bed, curled up with Chairman Mao and reading both my books on Imelda Marcos....both (The Untold story of Imelda Marcos and the Rise and Fall of Imelda Marcos) were interesting, however a tad on the 'worshipful' side! It does seem strange that she was so intent on hiding her poor origins and the circumstances in which she grew up - one can't help think that it would have brought her even more support from the Filipinos...and although nothing can excuse her behaviour, her origins do go someway to explaining her hoarding of money, jewels...and let's not forget the shoes! Anyway, this morning's reading has piqued my interest - if anyone knows of any other books that I may find of interest on the same subject...please let me know.

After crawling out of bed...I made it to the sofa where I decided to watch a DVD I bought on my last trip to HKG...the BBC's Days that Shook the World. I watched the first two episodes...the first covering the Coronation Day and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales; the second covering the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Hitler's last day. The stretch on the Coronation had one interesting comment...they showed Prince Charles being brought out to watch the Queen being crowned...the BBC commentator said "One day he may experience this..." Tonight I will treat myself to Concorde's first uncle was part of the design board for Concorde....she was a wonderful plane...

After gathering my thoughts I decided that the morning of sloth should be made up for by some time at the gym....two hours of classes later I decided the sloth had definitely been made up for....the only challeng with going to classes at my gym is that the room overlooks the flightpath into how distracting is that....I spent most of the time looking out the window...I will take my camera in one day and knock off a few pictures....

And so...another day off has ended....but the beauty of this one is that tomorrow I don't have to go to work, instead I can go fire off a few arrows, go for a swim and generally...potter!!


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