Friday, April 21, 2006

That's just all wrong...

Having seen that others were working out which muppets they were I decided to see what other fun stuff was lurking around blogthings....I discovered that I was Miss Piggy, was a terrible flirt (nothing I didn't know before!), was a visionary (??!!) and various other useful things....and then finally I discovered this....

In a Past Life...

You Were: A Famous Viking.

Where You Lived: Iran.

How You Died: Typhoid fever.

And I always thought I was Mary, Queen of Scots!!!


Blogger Seven Seas said...

All I got was a dieseased fourtune teller in Turkey, that was killed in battle.


7:48 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

But how many Vikings actually lived in Iran...let alone famous ones!!!

8:00 pm  
Anonymous Quentin said...

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5:50 pm  

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