Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What not to take as reading material when paying your electricity bill..

Due to the fact that I am pretty slack at picking up my mail from my box at home (mainly because I haven't given the address to many people and get most of my mail at work), I was late collecting my electricity bill....

Once you are over the 'due date', the only way to pay the bill is to go to one of the Meralco shops to pay....so this morning (being my one day of freedom) I headed over to the Meralco place on Shaw.

On the surface it all seems pretty organised, you walk in, get your number and wait until your number is flashed up on the reader board...I had number 1015, the number on the board when I came in - 925....I figured I was in for a long wait...no matter, I had bought a magazine with me....so I settled down on one of the chairs in the middle of the row, surrounded by people (the place was packed!) and opened my Cosmopolitan.....opening page - an article comparing women's breasts, with pictures....ok, quickly flick away from that, next page it falls open at....different sexual positions for different star signs....with diagrams....next page....comparisons of women's underwear being modelled...by this point I was practically being suffocated in the crush of people moving in closer for a better look....at this point I decided that reading Cosmo was a bad idea!!!

So instead, I sat and watched the 'organisation' of the people paying their bills....in most other places the number goes up and people go to the correct desk indicated....here there are starff out front organising people into queues....so they will call maybe 10 people up at once and line them up behind desks....if one queue moves faster than the other...then they shuffle you around until you are at the front....then they call up the next 10....all very bizarre!

Paying the bill itself was very simple and very quick....but the queueing system definitely offended by British sensibilities!!


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