Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mix and Match.....

Still feeling a bit flat at the moment…and can’t quite get to grips with writing anything substantial….so the following are a few random thoughts that I have had whilst roaming the corridors at work…

Easter in the Philippines: I will write a little more about this later…however, I can safely say that Manila is deserted…I came out the house today and could not see a living soul, (a dead rat), until I got down to Shaw, where after about 10 minutes a lone taxi appeared on the horizon (it was that bad…I was expecting tumbleweed to start blowing past me…and I could hear the theme tune from A fistful of Dollars playing in my head)..Manila is a one horse town! Anyway, after the taxi driver agreed to take me to work – with the meter on – he then turned and said “Quiet today, perfect for joyriding”…not on my peso, mate! The hold the Catholic church has on people here is quite incredible…one of my colleagues…a bit of a ‘jack the lad’/ladies man (although married with kids) told me today that he would happily stay later tonight as he couldn’t “‘do anything’, if you know what I mean”….as it was Easter……this is a guy who swears like a trouper, needs to work overseas regularly as he has slept his way through the Manila female population, smokes, drinks and generally does not give the impression of being of a God-fearing Christian….however, this weekend he can’t get laid because it’s Easter….Go Figure?!

Relationships: Do we all have a tried and tested method for a ‘snaring’ a partner/date/shag…I realize The Game is probably taking it a little too far…however in real life do we have set ‘chat up lines’, set ‘relationship lines’ that we churn out each and every time, or is every relationship a clean sheet on which to draw something new and completely different; on the other side – if we are trotting out these tried and tested lines and quirks – do we know we are doing it or is it something we are totally unaware of..…..not ever having been in the position to compare notes…..I don’t know if I have been on the receiving end of a set pattern….I know I don’t (at least wittingly) use a set pattern…

Odd conversations at work over the last two days:

“I had a sick customer yesterday”
Me: “Was that the one that died?” (Knowing that one of her customers died yesterday)
Colleague: “No, that one’s dead already, this one’s sick”

The Boss: “Here’s an Easter Egg for you”
Me: in front of a group of colleagues “And…here’s one I laid earlier….said the actress to the Bishop”
Everyone else: …..silence……

Whilst discussing the Philippine ritual of crucifixions that take place each Good Friday

Me: “So has anyone ever died from being crucified?”
Colleague: “Yes, Jesus”
Me: ……!!!!!

Online Dating: for my birthday last week a friend decided that she would sign me up for three months on an online dating site (what kind of friends do I really have??!!! However, she may have her reasons - see below!) , I see that Mia is also doing the same…fortunately for Mia, hers was a conscious choice and she doesn’t have a friend hounding her every day to ensure that all details are completed…photo added etc…. Anyway, I was amazed at the photos that people put up….some guys have women draped over them, some pictures have obviously had a woman photoshopped out of them – either obvious because there is a big white hole, but at the bottom are feet in high sandals with a fringe of a skirt, or just the big white hole or the hole has a hand sticking out which is clasped in the guys hand…..some photos are obviously so unflattering I cannot fathom why anybody would use them!

Dating in general: After a discussion the other day I realized that I have never actually ‘dated’ or been in the position where I have been ‘actively looking’… odd is that? Any person I have had a relationship with has been someone I met through friends/work whatever, we clicked at the first meeting and it went from there….in between times I have never looked, been fixed up with anyone, blind date…whatever….I wonder if this is a whole area of life that I have missed out on….?

“I’m just a girl who can’t say no” - most people who know me now would class me as being fairly tough with nary a hint of softness, kindness whatever….however, it wasn’t always like that….my school friends always knew me as either the girl who couldn’t say no (and not because of ‘that’ you filthy minded reader!) usually because when ever we had a school outing whereby a packed lunch was involved…I always gave mine to a tramp..always, without fail, so much so that if I hadn’t found a tramp by the time it came to leave I would hold everyone up looking for one…it got so that my friends would find one as soon as we arrived at out destination in order to speed up the process….the same now seems to be applying for this online dating lark….I seem to be getting into correspondence with guys who I know are not my type…but I feel sorry for them, and just can’t brush them off….


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