Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday thoughts....

As the more perceptive of you will have noticed I am not really writing about anything vaguely intelligent at the moment....the reason being...I don't really know.....I do know that I am suffering from some kind of mental block, I can't string a coherent sentence together at present...and that goes for verbally as well! I would say I was suffering from writers block...but that would be flattering myself so will just go for 'bloggers block'.....

there are a few posts I want to write...two are in response to two of Torn's posts, I actually have them printed off and they are being carried around with me in case the block is removed. I would also like to make some comment on his 'personal phobias' post.....but I'll save that until I see him in person!!!!

The other post I want to write is about the falling level of the Dead Sea (24 metres in 50 years)....I actually started a post about this about 6 months ago and saved the draft....and then this weekend in the Jordan Times there was another article on the same subject which reminded me I needed to finish the post....so sat staring at an almost blank screen for half an hour or so...and then gave up!

Just to give you an idea of how unsettled I am at present...I haven't even read a book for a week....what the hell is going on....however, this morning I collected from the post office, my latest reading material

And news just in...a friend of mine (aka the blue eyed boy) apparently bought a 2 foot high chocolate bunny in J'burg....one comment..."Why?"!!!! But 2 feet of chocolate...I guess that would be self explanatory!!!

Anyway...that's enough drivel for one morning...am now off to find my Imelda books which are unatainable elsewhere...Carlos has given me a source


Anonymous torn said...

What I liked about the Amazon page for your new reading material was the "Customers who bought this item also bought" list. A book subculture I would never have dreamed of! Am looking forward to your disgreement with my post on the Brits ...

5:13 pm  

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