Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Attack damaging to Palestinians, Jordan says

....you don't say......

Wounded Israelis get first aid on Monday following a suicide attack at Tel Aviv's old central bus station (Reuters photo by Noam Wind)

What kind of idiots within the Palestinian administration can allow this to happen and then allow the perpetrators to say it was an 'act of self defence'....these attacks on Israel harm the Palestinian people so much and just continue to delay any possible form of peace process that is lurking in the background.

"We have noted reactions by several Palestinian terrorist groups, including Hamas, that defend or even applaud the barbaric act of terror committed in Tel Aviv today, as we have noted [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas' quick denunciation of it," McClellan told reporters.

Abbas earlier condemned what he called an “act of terrorism,” while Palestinian group Hamas, which recently formed a new government following its January election victory, laid the blame at Israel's door, calling it a natural consequence of country's "aggression."

In Jordan, Government Spokesperson Nasser Judeh, quoted by the Jordan News Agency, Petra, condemned attacks against civilians and said the bombing would "be very damaging to the Palestinian people."

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed that Israel would react in the "necessary fashion."

Voting in Hamas was always a brave move by the Palestinians, who saw Hamas as organisers, providers of infrastructure and some semblance of a normal life within their tenuous borders. However, what seems not to have been taken into account was the international stage not wanting any dealings with Hamas..because of events such as yesterday's

Jordan Times(only lasts a week)


Blogger Seven Seas said...

Just goes to show you that extremists are dangerous. Intresting idea though, preemptive self defense.

2:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" . . . these attacks on Israel harm the Palestinian people so much and just continue to delay any possible form of peace process that is lurking in the background."

Not to be semantic, but what is a 'peace process'? And, what kind of 'peace process' lurks in the background? In America, we are currently debating immigration policy. As it should be. I am a Norweigian-American. My grandparents came from the Old Country. I love Mexico (a former wife's heritage was Mexican). But, rest assured, if Norweigians start crossing American borders, TNT strapped to their torsos to annihiliate Americans, I and 99% of my fellow citizens will say (1) if the fuse is extinguished before you commit your murderous act, we will execute you, and (2) if we have a scintilla of proof that the government of Norway knew of this perfidy, or in any way aided and abetted it, then Norway can kiss its a** goodbye. That goes for Mexico, as well. May as well throw in China, too, because my children (from a second marriage) are half-Chinese. Because killing Americans is an act of war against us.

I would expect no less from Norway, Mexico, or China, if TNT-laden Americans begin infiltrating their countries, and murdering their citizens at local restaurants.

Why should Israel be any different?

Just askin'.

Fred Jacobsen
San Francisco

6:12 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Seven Seas: Agreed - anyone within the Palestinian administration who thinks that bombing a falafel restaurant twice is pre-emptive defense needs their head examined...

Fred: Israel isn't and shouldn't be any different. My point is that the Palestinian administration is not doing the average Palestinian citizen any favours by either allowing or condoning these acts of terrorism. The average Palestinian wants to live in peace in his own land.....these violent acts of a few are ensuring the majority suffer...

I am glad to see in this case that Israel is going to (apparently) be the 'bigger person' and not retaliate...

The peace process will always lurk in the background..there will always be meetings going on, discussions and germs of ideas brewing in which people think of ways to bring peace to that region...

11:37 am  

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