Saturday, April 22, 2006

Get your filthy mitts off me...!

Much is being made of Hu's eventful trip to DC to see Bush...the heckling, the announcement of the 'Republic of China's' national anthem, the sleeve grabbing....but the following is one of the best pictures I have seen...and it doesn't even involve the two guys!! How much Prozac does Mrs Bush take each day...and maybe, just maybe she could share it with China's First Lady...!

from here, via Imagethief, and more from ESWN


Blogger Seven Seas said...

I don't think Prozac is her secret. While both Bush Sr. and Jr. arn't the most eloquent of statesmen (the whole barfing in Japan still makes me chuckle), their wives have always been great first ladies. Composed, elegant, well spoken, and intelligent. I think that Mrs. Bush's background in teaching allows her the grace and composure a first lady should have, and that has been sorely missed since the previous Bush first lady (Sorry Madame,I know you admire the Clintons, but I really dislike Hillary).

9:50 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Actually it is more the look on her face in that particular picture that made me laugh....I couldn't agree more that both Bush first ladies have been been 'composed, elegant' and 'well spoken'. I also realise that Hillary was definitely a departure from the norm where first ladies are concerned!

2:53 pm  
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