Monday, March 06, 2006

It’s an odd world out there…

I left work early yesterday (7:30pm – it’s all relative I guess!) feeling really quite awful – dizzy, faint – the works….managed to crawl under the covers, after forcibly removing the moggies – (why is it when I’m sick they insist on getting as close as they possibly can?). This morning I woke up feeling not much better but as Wednesday’s my day off I figure I can last until then!

Given that I still don’t have internet access at home I only read a selection of blogs on a daily basis, the rest I catch up on about once a week…which with the more personal blogs can be a bit of a shock…a lot happens in a week. A few months ago (actually quite a few!) I highlighted the story of Petite Anglaise, as you can see in the comments Torn had a few thoughts on this….when I clicked over to see her weeks postings I find that within a week, her ‘Lover’ has moved on….it is quite shocking when you follow someone’s life that closely – be it in real life or through the blogosphere – and one day you find their world has changed.

Over on the other side of the world it’s Oscar time, I’m glad to see that already one of my favourite actors has his little mits on one of the statues…and for a film that overall I thought was excellent. And so far, one British win in the shape of Wallace & Gromit…

And on a final note...a quick summary of life returning to normal in the Philippines...via Torn & Frayed


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