Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pride & Prejudice...

Jane Austen is one of those writers that translates so well to the big screen...unlike, say, the Bronte sisters...any TV or film version of the Bronte books, never do them justice, particularly Wuthering Heights.

However, as I sat and watched Pride & Prejudice last night I couldn't help feeling that those involved in making the film should have attempted Wuthering Heights instead. Their use of weather, the Peak district's dramatic scenery and the overly moody Matthew Macfadyen, would all have suited Wuthering Heights far better....and if ever anyone should play Heathcliff it should be Matthew Macfadyen.

Overall I enjoyed the film, but there were a few points in Pride & Prejudice that jarred with me...the Bennet family were too rough and ready for my liking, I don't think that Austen meant them to be that harum-scarum, Elizabeth Bennet was too much of a tomboy (again, more Catherine in Wuthering Heights than Elizabeth Bennet) and Darcy should have been more 'snobbish' and less sultry...

Watching the film, one is reminded of the huge variety and splendour of the country houses in England which are always used so well in these period films, the incredible beauty that the English countryside contains, particularly the further north one goes (I would say that, coming from almost as far north as you can get on the mainland!) and finally, I have to mention the weather...those of you who have visited Britain know that it gets pretty damn chilly, even in the summer....and prancing around in a little white cotton frock with what looks like not a lot underneath...and even less on just not practical!

Having said all that, it's worth watching, I will be getting the DVD and Austen's wit is not dimmed at all....


Blogger Indiana said...

And here I was just thinking that Kiera Knightly was hot ~grin~

10:16 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

I wouldn't have expected any more from you!!!

I would like to say that Matthew Macfadyen was also fairly on the 'warm side'...the only problem was that I thought his mouth verged on the slightly small side!

10:19 am  
Blogger ate said...

the movie made me read the book again (which is my 2nd most favorite comfort book - next to Wuthering Heights).

And made me wish I could be in all the places written and shot.

10:36 pm  
Anonymous Gervais said...

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