Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Given that the Shang Mall is one of the nearest malls to where I work, at tbe end of the day it is nice to stop off on the way home and have a cup of tea or something similar and read or possibly surf the net…

For the last three months (and no, I am not exaggerating) the Starbucks at the Shang Mall has ‘sold out’ of the vouchers that will allow you to use the Wifi. All the cafes etc where it says…”buy your Wifi access here” have also sold out.

The receptionist has no idea what I am talking about…finally last night some one sitting next to me overheard me asking the waitress if they had the cards ‘available’ yet….he told me I could buy them downstairs, unfortunately by then it was already past 9pm so I had to wait until today. I went down to the computer shop and yes, they had also sold out…fortunately they had just sold the last two….and the guy who had bought them was just leaving…he offered to sell me one (and you know you’re not in HKG when something like that is offered for sale at its original price and not with a mark up!)

So clutching my card I come up to the Dome Café, order my dinner, switch on the computer and try to access the internet…does it work…hell it does…apparently they have very bad Wifi reception here…

And people wonder why I spend my days off skulking at Rockwell…at least there the Wifi works….and if you sit outside whilst dining at certain restaurants, you get free access…


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